Wedding Cakes from Cakelife

For this very special day we can create an amazing and beautiful cake, made and designed with passion and skill, something to always be remembered.

The cakes below are examples of what we can do, colours and details can be changed to fit in with your theme, or you can have your own bespoke design created.

Cupcakes which are also popular for weddings can come with a 6 inch round top cake, which can be cut by the bride and groom.

For a consultation and tasting please email[email protected] or call 07881 672723

Wedding Cakes

[img src=]Painted Wild Flowers
Hand painted wild flowers wedding cake
[img src=]Two tier Orchid
Two tier with hand crafted sugar orchid Wedding Cake
[img src=]Suitcases
Honeymoon suitcases Wedding Cake
[img src=]Red Henna
Red hand crafted sugar roses with henna inspired piping
[img src=]Cascading Orchids
Cascading hand crafted sugar orchids wedding cake
[img src=]Blue Cascade
Blue cascade with hand crafted sugar Hydrangeas and forget-me-nots with pipe dots
[img src=]Rose and Pearl
Pearl and hand crafted vintage pink sugar rose Wedding Cake
[img src=]Open Stack
Open stacked, your florist can provide the flowers of your choice
[img src=]White Cascading Flowers
[img src=]Cascading Red Flowers
Cascading Red Flowers Wedding Cake
[img src=]Ivory Rose
3 Tier iced Wedding Cake with Ivory roses and petals